Drassilis "Disaster" Deegan, Esq.

Inept steampunk rogue snatcher.


My concept is a rouge-like steampunk gent, who has a talent for gadgets.

His critical flaw is that although he is a snatcher, he is a terrible one. (I’m drawing inspiration from the gurps advantage of the same name: A snatcher is someone who can reach through the infinite dimensions around us till they find an object they want, and snatch it into their own dimension. The object they want is always out there, ready for snatching, but it’s very difficult to do.)

Doesn’t sound like a flaw, does it? My guy’s problem is that he thinks he’s an expert snatcher, but in actuality, almost every attempt (barring some kind of critical success) fails, and he gets an object that he doesn’t want. A-like so:

me: “Don’t worry, I’ll just snatch the key to our cell!”
party: “noooooo!”
Drassilis snatches an enraged bull


He’s very overconfident because he thinks that he can always snatch something useful to get him out of a scrape, but when that fails, he’ll probably resort to his lightning-sword or steam pistol with good effect. There’s a high chance he’s addicted to something.

Drassilis "Disaster" Deegan, Esq.

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